March 22: Link for Online Sunday Worship and plans for Holy Communion

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Below is the link for the YouTube video of our Online Sunday Worship for March 22 and it will be available by 8:00 AM. The service is designed for your viewing and participation without any other resources.

Also, for those who have difficulty with streaming, I have attached pdf files of my sermon and the slides used for the worship service. Please note that the there are 20 slides for the service if you plan to print it out. I pray these resources are helpful to you and your household. 

Service on YouTube

Bulletin for March 20, 2020 Sunday Worship

Sermon for March 20, 2020 Sunday Worship

Also, I plan to be online on Skype at 9:00 AM for Bible Study. I will use our Wednesday night call, so if anyone would like to be added please email me or text me your Skype ID. I am still considering the topic for study.

Looking ahead to next Sunday, we are making plans for members to be able to schedule times in small groups to come to church and receive Holy Communion. We are also looking to have an option for folks in the New River Valley to do the same. Please look for an email on this new GSLCP Congregation News group with details early this week.

God bless you and yours as we live through this very difficult time. Continue to pray for all affected by the coronavirus–for the sick, and those who care for them; for our leaders, and those who are providing care on the front line; for all workers, and those who have lost income and struggle due to a lack of work; and for each of us as we deal with our own unique situations.

The Lord be with you all.
In Jesus, our Good Shepherd,
Pastor Keith Beasley

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